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This tutorial was written by me.
Any similarity is purely coincidental.
It was done using Gimp and
 was written for those who
 have experience using Gimp.


Tube of choice

I used Gail Gastfield
you can find her art here

Scrapkit of choice
I used FTU kit by Heartfelt Perfections -Kit is Doggy Tales
you can find it here
scroll down the page

Template By Dee
you can find it here
again scroll down the page

mask of choice
I used a mask by TLM Creationz
mask 21 which you can find here

I use Gimp but any program will work I think

Lets Begin
Have fun, this is just a guide

Open template
( I just work with the template, but when you save...
 you have to be sure you click -Save As-
this will keep the original intact for future use.)

delete credits layer , small butterfly , large butterfly and dotted overlay

click on  right blue  rectangle
alpha to selection
copy the first paper from the scrapkit ,
( its simply named paper jpg ) and paste INTO
( not paste , but paste into)
anchor and select none, repeat for left blue rectangle

click on right black rectangle ,
 alpha to selection and fill with color #white, select none
repeat for left black rectangle

click on right black circle ,
 alpha to selection , copy paper 7 and paste INTO ,
anchor and select none
repeat for the left black circle

click on right green circle and fill with color black,
repeat for left green circle

add bevel x2 width to white strip

click on yellow strip and alpha to selection, fill with color # ffbf32

Add bevel x2 width to white flower

click on pink flower, alpha to selection ,
 copy paper 2 and paste INTO , anchor and select none

Click on blue circle, alpha to selection,
 copy paper 5 and paste INTO , anchor and select none

Click on dotted circle , alpha to selection,
 fill with color black, select none

Add new layer, add your tube and position it the way you like, autocrop layer

Add new layer just above the dotted circle layer
copy element - doggy bone word art and paste ,
resize to 250 width and rotate as you like,
see my tag for reference if needed

Add new layer above your tube
copy element -flower, I resized to 125 px width
paste at upper left corner
see my tag for reference
autocrop layer

Add new layer just above the bone
resize element fire hydrant to about 125px width
paste and position , resize more if needed.
autocrop layer

Add new layer
resize pawprints  to about 200 px width
paste and position as you like them just below the word art
resize if needed and rotate if needed

Now if you are happy with the position and size of all  your elements
you can add your fav drop shadow.

NOTE: I always add drop shadow at the end and add bevels where I want at the end.
You can add them as you go along . Whatever works best for you.

After adding ds and bevels , hide the bg layer
merge visible , autocrop layer
I scaled mine to 550 px width

unhide bg layer
Add new layer above bg layer
you can either copy and paste one of the papers from the kit
 or add a color you like
I used color #black

 click on your layer , right click, click add layer mask
another little box opens and you are going to click -Black (full transparency)
then click -Add
Now copy and paste your mask , anchor
Delete the bg layer
merge visible
Image autocrop, scale if needed
Add your copyright
 and your  license if its needed for the tube you used
Add your name

not save but Save As

I would love to see anything you make
if you have any questions you can contact me

I hope you enjoyed playing with this tutorial

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