Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Romeo

My Romeo

This tutorial was written by me. 
Any similarity is purely coincidental. 
It was done using Gimp
 but can be done with any program


Cluster Frame - Dreaming Out My Window here

word art from Dees'Sign Depot - Wednesday word art #5 (Romeo ) - here

mask of choice
I used a mask from Aquarebel at the creative misfits creations blogspot it was a circle mask
but I can't find the link for it, sorry

font of choice
I used Praying Angel
you can find it at dafont  here

Background of choice

Tube of choice 
I have used a tube from Go Dark 
its a group permission tube (LazyAcres on yahoo a copyright compliant group )
so I can not share 

Lets begin:
NOTE: you can add your fav ds as you go 
I do mine at the end , whatever you like to do.
auto crop layers as you go

open new image 600 x 600 px white background

add new layer

copy your cluster frame and paste 
before you anchor , right click on the floating selection and resize so the height is 550 px. 
position as you like and anchor

add new layer
open your tube of choice
copy and paste , I position it so the top of the head is where I like it on the tag above the frame
if the tube is too large resize it , when you have it the way you want it anchor and move it below the frame.
 select none
If any or the tube is showing at the bottom edge of the frame , erase it. ( you can use the eraser for this or 
the rectangle select tool , whatever works best for you )
duplicate and move it above the frame, erase anything thats on the bottom part of the frame. We duplicated, so
 the top of the head will be above the frame.

make the frame layer active , use the fuzzy select too ( magic wand ) to click inside the frame
add new layer and move below frame and tube
select, grow x15 
copy the paper or background , color of your choice and paste INTO ( be sure you paste INTO not paste)
when you are happy with positioning , anchor and select none.

go to the top layer and make it active 
add new layer

open the word art
alpha to selection and fill with color from your tube or the frame
I used color # 0f1625 
before you select none dup the word art 
on the bottom layer while the ants are still marching 
select , grow x2 and fill with a lighter color
 I used color # d4eae3
click on the top word art layer and
filters/ decor/ add bevel -2 
merge the word art layers together 
( you can add a ds of your choice now or later )

copy and paste the word art 
resize and position as you like it then anchor and select none

If you like the way it all looks , add your ds if you haven't already done so
hide the white background layer 
merge visible layers
layer autocrop , resize to 550 px height

unhide the white background layer make it active 
add new layer 
fill with color or paste a  paper, background of choice
right click on this layer and add layer mask
open mask , copy and paste

delete the white bg 

merge visible 
autocrop image ( not layer but image) 
resize if needed to 600 px at the largest side

add copyright info and you license # if its needed 

Save it as a png for tranparent 
jpg if you want it to have a white bg

I hope you enjoyed this tag tutorial. I would love to see any tag you make with it
you can email me at cindydaisylover@gmail.com

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