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Bottoms Up

Bottoms Up

This tutorial was written by me. 
Any similarity is purely coincidental. 
It was done using Gimp
 but can be done with a program of your choice


Tube of choice
I used a tube by Spazz called Trixie
You must have a license to use this tube
I got my tube and license at Scraps and the City here

Sapphy Template 24 can be found here
at the left Sapphy Tempz 22-31

Scrapkit by Inspired Creations called Enchanted Dreams
Its a PTU that is now FTU and you can find it here

Mask of choice
I used a mask 13 from Melissaz Creationz
you can find it here

font of choice
the font I used is called Oliver tue les fourmis
you can find it here 

filters/ xero/Soft Mood 

You can autocrop layers and add your drop shadow
 of choiceas you go if thats what you do . 
I do mine near the end

Open Template 
delete these layers - credits,
Glitter Heart Frame, Frame Background
Inner Glitter Frame, Inner Circle

click on the background layer and click the eye
to make it visible 
right click the bg layer and scale to 800 x 800 px 
click image , fit image to layers
we will resize later , this just gives us a little extra 
room to work with

make the Top Left Circle layer active 
right click / alpha to selection 
add new layer and fill with color black ,select none
delete the Top Left Circle layer of the template
make your black circle active 
filters/ xero/Soft Mood with default settings
Repeat these steps for the Bottom Right Circle

Make the large Circle active 
click color/colorize
you can play with the hue to match your tube 
I used hue 234 and left saturation at 50 and 
lightness at 0

Make the Glitter Outer Cirlcle active
filters/decor/bevel x2 thickness
be sure to uncheck the box to work on copy

Make the word art by Shappire layer active 
click color / colorize and play with the hue to your liking
I used hue 292 and left the sat and lightness as is
(when finished with the colorize be sure you click on your 
move tool again )

I moved the word art down a little you can reposition 
as you need to when you get your tube in place

Add new layer
open the scrapkit 
open moon 3, copy and paste , position 
above the large circle and to the right a little
see my tag for reference
I resized to 575 px width
autocrop layer

Add new layer above the Outer Glitter Circle
open Tree element 
copy and paste , postion and resize as you like
 autocrop layer then I resized to 183 px width 
positioned to the right side of the cloud in the 
moon element
duplicate the tree and flip horizontally , resize to 
72 px width, position to the right of the large circle

Add new layer above the moon layer
open sparkles 1 
copy and paste , autocrop layer and resize to 
300 px width , position to left side of black circle 
dup and flip horizontally, position as you like

Add new layer
open sparkles 4 
copy and paste , autocrop layer and resize to 
575 px width , position as you like

Add new layer 
open Hourglass element
copy and paste , autocrop layer and resize to 
37 px width , place beside your word art

Add new layer 
open your tube , 
copy and paste , resize and position as you like it

Add ds of choice to your layers if you haven't already 

Hide bg layer 
merge visible layer , autocrop layer, 
resize to 600 px width

unhide the bg layer
Add new layer above the bg layer
fill with color of your choice , paper, or a texture
I used paper 3 
right click on the paper layer 
add layer mask - click the Black (full transparency ) 
open your mask and copy , paste, 
position , resize if needed
I resized mine (after I autocropped layer )
to 600 px with and 525 px height

If you are happy with your tag , 
delete the white bg layer 

merge visible layers
autocrop Image ( not layer)
resize if needed. I resized mine to 600 px width
add your copyrights 
add your name 
Save as 

I hope you enjoyed this tag turorial. 
I would love to see your results
Email me at
or at

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