Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Remember When

Remember When

This tutorial was written by me. 
Any similarity is purely coincidental. 
It was done using Gimp
 but can be done with a program of your choice

Scrapkit by Addictive Pleasures called Edward
you can find it here or use a kit of your choice

Mask - WSL_Mask84 
You can find it here or use the mask of your choice

Tube of choice
the tube I am using a PUT from CDO Store and you MUST have a license to use 
You can find the tube and get a license here

font - Quickier Demo
I found it here or use the font of your choice

penta.com / VTR

Note: Autocrop layers as you go
You can add your ds as you go if thats what you like to do
I do mine at the end

Lets begin
Open new canvas 800 x800 px white bg 
this gives us lots of room to play
 we will resize later

Add new layer 
open frame2 copy and paste, resize to 500 x500 px
move up to right side , anchor

add new layer above bg layer 
open moon element , copy and paste ,scale to 400 px width,
position as you like it  ( see my tag for placement ) anchor ,select none,
 rotate right about 20

add new layer 
make your frame layer active and with your magic wand (fuzzy select tool)
click inside both frames ( hold the shift key to do the second one)
Don't forget the little spot where the frames cross
you should have your marching ants 
make the new layer active ( marching ants are still marching ) 
select/ grow by 6/ ok
choose paper, texture or color and (with ants still marching) 
paste into selection if using a paper or texture (make sure you Paste INTO , not paste)
if using a color,  fill with color ( I used color #373737 from my moon)
if you used a color we want some texture so I used 
Penta.com/VTR with default settings. 
Do Not select none yet we want marching ants
Add new layer 
copy  your tube close up and paste INTO ( not paste), resize and position as you like, anchor .
( if you have part of the tube in the other frame just use the eraser to remove it after you anchor
as long as you don't select none you will continue to have the marching ants )
Add new layer and Repeat this for the other frame
Now when you are happy with it ...anchor and select none

make the tube layer active , mode/ soft light 
repeat with the tube layer in the other frame

add new layer and move to the top 
open your tube , copy and paste , resize and postion as you like 

Add new layer and move below your tube layer
open Ivy3 element , copy and paste , position and resize as you like
I left my size and rotated clockwise 90 ( layer/transform/rotate)

Add new layer for each element and add elements as you like them 
you can use the elements I used if you like
and use my tag as a guide for placement


when you have all of your elements placed add your ds to them 
I used default ds on my main tube and for the elements I used 3/4/8/38
I added bevel width 2 to my frames and candle also

now if you are happy with everything 
close the white bg layer
right click on any other layer /merge visible layers 
autocrop layer 
scale layer to 600 px width
move it to the center of canvas 
Unhide the bg layer and add new layer
(the new layer should be above the bg layer and below your tag layer)

open paper8 , copy and paste
right click on paper layer -add layer mask (when the box opens make sure that 
Black (full transparency) is checked / Add 

Open mask , copy and paste, anchor
delete the white bg layer 
right click on one of the layers - merge visible layers
click on image/ Autocrop Image
it should be 600 px width , if not then scale layer to 600 px width
add your credits and license
add your name
save as png

Here is another tag I made with this tutoria

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I would love to see anything you make

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