Monday, November 10, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

scrapkit of choice 
I used a FTU kit called Good Gobble by Tasha's Playground here

Tube of choice 
the tube I used can be purchased  here
please do not use without a license

Mask of choice
I used Vix mask 452 
can be found here

NOTE: Autocrop layers as you go.
 If you prefer you can ds as you go. I wait till the end.

Lets begin.
New image 800 x 800 px white bg . We will resize later.
 I just like to have a little more room to work

add new layer
open frame 4 , resize to 550 px width , paste , anchor
move to the left side

add new layer
copy and paste branch
resize to 600px width
position at bottom of frame 

add new layer
open word art and paste
anchor , position on lower frame above branch
( my wordart was larger than my workspace so
 I had to click image  
fit canvas to layers) 
If the uneven space bugs you then add new layer 
above bg and fill with white then delete bg .The 
new layer will become your bg.

add new 
copy and paste owl
scale to 225 px width
place on branch and rotate to your liking

Now the tricky part

make the word art layer active 
add new layer 
copy and paste the tube
resize as much as you need
I resized my tube to 1000px width and
had to click image 
fit canvas to layers

erase as needed. 
I am making this tag for a g rated group
so I erased most everything below the waist
but you can position your tube as you like and
 erase as you like
I duplicated it and put one layer below the frame 
then I erased the part of the skirt that was covering
the letters on the word art leaving the spoon and hand

add any other embelishments you want 

Now lets add ds and autocrop 
to autocrop layers as you go 
click layer
autocrop layer 
( make sure you are clicking layer and not image)

make the bottom tube layer active. 
add ds with default setting
( to add ds 
click filter
click light and shadow and from the drop down click
drop shadow )
right click on tube layer and on the menu box that pops
up click on  merge down

make frame layer active 
click filters 
add decor and from the drop down click bevel
unclick the box that says work on copy 
change thickness to 2 
Add ds to frame 
click filters
click light and shadow
click drop shadow on the drop down menu
I change the setting to 
x: 3
blur radius: 8
color : black 
opacity : 38 
(you can use whatever setting you like)
click ok
merge frame layer down with frame ds layer

Note: follow these steps for the ds each time

make branch layer active 
add ds and merge down

make word art layer active 
add ds  and merge down

skip top tube layer

make owl layer active 
add ds and merge down

Hide the bg layer by clicking on the little eye

right click on any layer 
from the drop down menu 
click merge visible layers
make sure expand as necessary is checked

click layer 
auto crop layer

right click on your image layer
click scale layer on the drop down menu
change the width to 600 px and click ok

unhide your bg layer now by clicking the little eye again

make the bg layer active
add new layer
add color , paper, or texture you want 
right click on this layer 
add layer mask ( make sure black (full transparency )
 is checked on this box that opens)
copy and paste mask 
resize and position as you like

Hide bg layer again

Merge visible layers 
auto crop layer
scale layer if needed 
I scaled mine to 600 px width

unhide bg layer 
I keep it until the last step because it helps me see 
everything better when I am working. 

Add new layer 
Add your copyrights 

add your name

delete bg layer 

click image 
auto crop IMAGE

click filters 
sharpen from the drop down menu 
I always use sharpness 20 
you can use what you like

file save as 

I hope you enjoyed the tut

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