Friday, October 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Season

This tutorial was written by me. 
Any similarity is purely coincidental. 
It was done using Gimp and
 was written with for those who
 have experience using Gimp. 
I am pretty sure Psp users can follow this tutorial as well.

Thanksgiving Season

Scrapkit is called Thanksgiving Season .
 Vickie's Scraps
You can purchase the kit here

Tube is artist Vinegar. I bought mine at PTE but they are closed so  now
you can find this artist tubes here 

Vix mask 238  you can get it here

Open new  canvas 800 x 800  ( white )

New layer , open element 106 , copy and paste to left of canvas
 and rotate slightly

  New layer, open element 11, copy and paste , resize to 150 height,
flip horizontally, place on top of left shutter

New layer, open element 45 , resize to 225 height, c/p onto right  shutter
autocrop layer, dup and flip horizontally , place on left shutter,
rotate as needed

New layer, open element 97 , resize to 500 width, c/p just below window

New layer, open element 64, resize to 325 width, c/p see my tag for placement
 New layer,open element 32 , resize to 100h , c/p
New layer , open element 58 , resize to 125width, c/p
New layer , open element 74 , resize to 150 height, c/p move below element 64
dup and flip horizontally
New layer, open element 54 , resize to 300 width, c/p and position

fuzzy select inside frame, add new layer and move below frame, select , grow x2
copy close up tube and Paste into , position and then select none, overlay

New layer, copy full tube and paste , resize as needed , ds 8/8/15/80

add your fav ds to the rest of the elements  ( I used 3/4/8/38 )

hide bg and merge visible , layer autocrop , resize to 550 width
new layer , add credits merge down

New layer , move below ,open paper 36 , c/p , add layer mask
open vix mask 238 apply mask , resize as needed
merge visible and delete the white bg
Autocrop image resize if needed to 550 width

Add your name.

Here a tag Pammers made me , thank you Pammers!

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