Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lady Butterfly

This tutorial was written by me.
Any similarity is purely coincidental.
It was done using Gimp and
 was written for those who
 have experience using Gimp.

Tube of choice .
The tube I used is from artist  Alex Prihodko  and
you have to have a license to use it.
 You can find it at PicsForDesign here

Cluster frame here

WSL mask 84  here

font I used is P22 Corinthia

Lets get started and remember its just a guide
so have fun

Open New canvas 800 x 800  white bg

new layer, open cluster frame and resize to 600, paste, add ds of your choice

new layer  Use the Ellispse tool and make circle size of frame circle ,
 move below and fill with f3e2ca

before you select none add new layer and copy your tube close up
 and position inside circle or frame
Add ds of your choice to the close up tube I use 3/4/8/38 , Blend overlay

 add new layer ,move above frame layer
 copy and paste your tube .
 Position , add ds ( I used the default ds ), blend  soft light

add new layer just above bg
blend normal gradient with colors forground ced6e2 , background a27435 ,
 add layer mask ( wsl mask 84 )

Hide bg , merge visible layers
autocrop layer , scale to 550 or your desired size

Add copyrights,
autocrop image and sharpen if desired

Add name

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