Friday, November 16, 2012


This tutorial was written by me. 
Any similarity is purely coincidental. 
It was done using Gimp and
 was written for those who
 have experience using Gimp. 

Tube of choice I used Elias Chatzoudis ( mine was from PTE which is now closed )
You can find his work here

Scrapkit is a FTU kit called Rusted Boots & Butterflies by Terry 
you can find it here
Please leave some love it you download it

WSL - mask 84 
you can find it here

Word art - Venomous Creations
you can find it here

Ok , lets begin

new canvas 700 x 700 white
Add new layer , open frame 6 , paste and move to left of canvas a little bit
Add new layer , open frame 5 ,rotate 90 , resize to height 500 pixels, paste to left side of frame 6 
Add new layer, open Deco 3 , resize to 50 pixels width , paste to connect the two fames , 
see my tag above, 
duplicate and position 2 more times, so you have one to connect  frame 6 to each section of 
frame 5 
Add new layer,open Deco1 , resize to 350 pixels width , place on to edge of frame,
duplicate , flip vertically and place a bottom edge of frame
Add new layer , open flower 6 , resize to 300 pixels height , place at left bottom corner of frame
Add new layer, open heart 7 , resize to 125 pixels height, rotate -20.00 and 
position on top of flower 6 , 
duplicate and flip horizontally, position as  you like it
Add new layer , open flower 5 resize to 125 pixels height, copy and paste
dup a couple of times and position them as you like 
Add new layer ,open flower 1 scale to 75 pixels height, position this as you like 
Fuzzy select the inside of frame 6 
Add new layer and move below frame 6 , select and grow x 25
open paper 16 and resize it to 500 , PASTE INTO and then anchor , select none
add overlay to paper
Add new layer, open word art , position and resize as you like it. 
Fuzzy select inside each frame of frame 5 , 
Add new layer and move below frame 5 , grow x2 , copy and Paste Into with paper 16,
 anchor and select none, opacity to 80 
fuzzy select inside of one section of frame 5 
Add new layer, grow x2 and paste into with tube of choice , anchor and select none, opacity 80
Repeat this step with each frame section of frame 5 
Paste tube above frame 6 resize and position as you like , I then moved it below the frame and dup 
moved one above frame and erase just the bottom edge of frame. 
Add bevel 2 thickness to both frames and word art
Add ds of your choice to all elements 
Hide white bg 
merge visible layers, autocrop layer, resize 550 width
unhide white bg and add layer 
copy paper of choice and add layer mask ( Black , transparent) 
add mask , position and resize if needed.
merge top layer and mask layer together
New layer and add your credits and license if needed
delete bg layer 
merge visible , autocrop image 
resize if needed 
Add your name 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I would love to see any results 
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  1. Awesome tag/tut!!! Thank you for my tag and it's now on my blog. :)