Friday, November 9, 2012

Winter Wonderland

This tutorial was written by me. 
Any similarity is purely coincidental. 
It was done using Gimp and
 was written for those who
 have experience using Gimp. 

Cluster Frame - I used a freebie from Rasberry Road Designs called Winter Beauty cluster C
I am not sure if its still in the archive but the site is here

Mask - Vix mask christmas mask 5 
you can find it here

Scrapkit of choice
The scrap kit I used is called Candy Cane Lane from Crystal's Creations
Its a PTU kit . You can find it here

Tube of choice
The tube I used is a Pinup Toons tube and you have to have a license to use it. You can buy 
the tube and get a lincense from Creative Designs Outlet here

Font of choice
fonts I used were - Roskrift Clean for the word art in the frame
Igloo Caps  for my name

 Lets begin
( Add ds of choice as you go) 
Open white canvas 700 x 700 
open cluster and resize to 550 x550 , c/p and position to your liking
click inside frame with magic wand 
add new layer and move below frame , make sure you still have the marching ants,
you can either use a paper or fill with color of your choice, I used color # f5f5f5
select none
if you use a paper , be sure to Paste As and anchor before you select none

Add your tube and position and resize if needed
Now we are going to decorate the tree. I used elements 
43 as the garland
resize and position as desired, 

Add your word art to the inside of frame, I used:
Roskrift Clean , size  34 with 3c432f ,
 Dup and grow bottom layer x1 , fill with bc1113,
 gaussian blur x9 , merge the two layers and add bevel width 2 

Add a layer above bg 
C/P paper 8 
Right click on layer /add layer mask 
Open mask , copy and paste 

Hide frame background , mask layer and background layer 
Merge togher the rest of the layers 
Now unhide the frame background layer and we are going to hide the layers we just merged
Alpha to selection on the frame background 
add new layer x5, you should have the frame background and 5 new transparent layers 
(you should have marching ants around the frame background)
I used a snow animation that was shared with me . It has 5 layers .
 ( Thats why we duplicated x5 with everything)
Open the snow animation , click on the first layer of the animation and copy
go to the first transparent layer with the marching ants and paste Into with the snow layer
now click on the next transparent layer and then go back to the snow animation
 and click on the second layer of the animation and copy ,
back to the tag and paste Into , with the marching ants marching. 
Continue until you have copy and pasted into each layer. 
You should have 5 layers of snow in the marching ants outline
then select none

Unhide the mask layer and merge the frame background and mask layer 
duplicate this layer 5 times
move the first mask, frame background layer up to position just under the top snow layer
continue this so that you will have them lined up as :
snow layer and (mask,frame background layer) , snow layer ,( mask,frame background layer)
When you have them lined up you will merge the top snow layer and the mask layer together 
Now you should have 5 layers of (snow,mask layer)

unhide the other layer ( should be your tube and frame)
add your credits and license 
we are going to duplicate this 5 times 
Position this layer above the snow layer
you should have tube layer above snow layer , tube layer above snow layer.....
Merge tube layer to each snow layer 
you should have 5 layers to your tag now and the background layer that is still hidden.
We are going to delete the bg layer
Check the animation:
filters/ animation/animation playback
if you are happy we are going to save as gif
Animation , loop forever , my speed I usually leave at the default 100

To add your name you can either go to animation shop or open your blank gif and :

For Name -place the letters vertically . 
font is Igloo Caps , size 49 , fill with 616b6a
dup and grow bottom name layer by 2 , fill with f5f5f5
Merge the name layers , 
add bevel width 2 , add ds
Go back to main tag and add layer 
Add name layer , position and resize if needed,
 duplicate x 5,
 move layers so that you have one name on top of each tag layer 
now merge each name layer to the tag layer
You should have 5 layers to your tag

check you animation ~ Filters/ animation/ animation playback
If you are happy with it then save as gif:
Animation , loop forever , my speed I usually leave at the default 100

I go to animation shop and open my tag and resize it to 550 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I have my own way of doing things , it works for me but 
if you have an easier way ,
Do it your way! 
Have a nice day and thanks for stopping by

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