Sunday, December 30, 2012

Winter Day

This tutorial was written by me. 
Any similarity is purely coincidental. 
It was done using Gimp and
 was written for those who
 have experience using Gimp. 

Program of choice , I use Gimp
Animation shop 

Mask - DBV xmas Mask 06 Here

tube of choice
I am using the artwork of Sara Butcher 
You need a license to use her work 
You can find her artwork here

snow animation here

I didn't make this animation , it was shared through DLT group on yahoo 
I can't remember who shared it so if its your please let me know so I can give credit where it is due
I really appreciate that it was shared 

Word art , you can use the one I made or make one of your own

Lets begin

New image ,  800 x 800 pixels , white bg ( we will resize later )
New layer, fill with color from your tube 
I used color #23206a, right click and add layer mask (make sure you have black -full transparency marked)
copy and paste your mask
New layer , copy and paste your tube , position as you like it. 
New layer and move it below your tube layer
Add Word art, position as you like it and  resize if you need to. 
add your copyright and license above the tube layer 
Hide your mask layer and bg layer and merge visible layers
Unhide the mask layer and hide the tube layer 

on your mask use your Fuzzy select too inside the snowflake , the marching ants should be a somewhat circle shape
add new layer and duplicate until you have 5 layers that are transparent and make sure you still have your marching ants
Open the animation 
and copy the bg layer and paste Into the first tranparent layer with the marching ants, anchor
go back to your animation and copy the next layer , come back to your tag and past Into the next transparent layer
 with the marching ants
continue this until you have copied and paste Into all the layers of the animation with the transparent layers
Now we are going to duplicate the mask layer until we have 5 of them
we will move them up so that we have a snow layer above a mask layer , snow layer above a mask layer , 
snow layer above a mask layer, when we have all of these layers lined up we will merge down a snow layer to a mask layer , 
merge down a snow layer to a mask layer until we have 5 snow-mask layers

unhide the tube layer and duplicate it until you have 5 tube layers 
we are going to move the tube layers to have them alternating as
tube layer above mask layer , tube layer above mask layer 
when we have them all lined up we will merge down a tube layer to a mask layer ,merge down a tube layer to a mask layer
we should end up with 5 layers 
delete the white bg 
Click your bottom layer , Autocrop Image 
click filters/ animation/ animation playback 
if it plays back ok then you can save as ( be sure you save as ) gif
a box will open and save as animation. 

I take it to animation shop to resize the animation 

Thanks for looking. Would love to see anything you make

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