Friday, January 18, 2013

Dear Diary

Dear Diary

This tutorial was written by me. 
Any similarity is purely coincidental. 
It was done using Gimp and
 was written for those who
 have experience using Gimp. 


Tube of choice ~ I used a tube from Sarah Butcher . You must have a license to use her work .
 You can find her work and a license here

Cluster Frame ~ I Used a PU FTU cluster frame from Always Creations here
RD_Cluster Frame1 

Mask of choice ~ I used a mask from Chas Designs here
chas mask 2 

font of choice ~ I used Miss Lankfort 
you can find it here

This is so Easy that I am not sure it even qualifies as a tutorial but here we go!

Open New Image 600 x 600 px

Add New Layer
copy and paste your cluster frame , resize to 550 px width
add drop shadow of choice , my fav ds is 3/4/8/38 , I used it in a tut once and its just stuck with me.
 You use whatever looks best to you

Add new layer 
copy your tube and paste, position the way you like it and resize if you need to
add ds of choice on my tube I always use the default but you can use whatever looks best to you

Add new layer above bg layer 
fill with color from either your tube or the frame
I used #8c7e4b
right click on this layer  and click add layer mask, make sure you have the box ticked for black transparent
copy the mask and paste

hide the bg layer 
merge visible layers , autocrop layer , I resize mine to 550 px width, add new layer and add your copyrights and license number
merge down 

unhide the bg layer and see if you like the way your tag looks , if so then delete the bg layer 
autocrop image , resize if needed 

add your name  

Easy huh? If you have any questions you can send me a message. I would love to see what you make using this tutorial as a guide. My email is

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  1. Cindy this is so pretty! Sometimes simple is all you really need! Thanks for sharing!