Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Life's a Beach

Life's a Beach

This tutorial was written by me. 
Any similarity is purely coincidental. 
It was done using Gimp
 but can be done with a program of your choice


Tube of choice
I am using a tube from Bobbie Allen

Scrapkit is called Lifes a Beach by Melissa
you can find it here

Myth Mask 62 
creative misfits summer masks here

font of choice
I used Beach Type here

Add drop shadows as you go if you prefer
Autocrop each layer as you go

Lets begin:

Open new canvas 800 x800 px 
white bg
we will resize later

add new layer
open element 34 ,  copy and paste ,
 resize to 575 px width , anchor
filters/ bevel, 
( untick the work on copy and keep bitmap boxes if they are selected)
2 thickness , add bevel

add new layer above bg layer
open element 31 , resize to 600 px width ,
copy and paste , position under word art ,
duplicate this layer ,
 click the eye to hide the top layer
move the other layer down slightly then 
make the top layer visible so you can better position
this layer , resize to 700 px width and 
play with the position till you are happy with it
merge these together

Add new layer above the word art
open your tube and copy and paste 
position as you like
I had to resize the sand element to 790 px width so my dog
was positioned on the sand better

Add new layer
open element 30 
copy and paste 
position as you like ,I rotated it slightly 
 you can use my tag as reference

Add new layer below  your tube layer
open element 29 
copy , paste , resize and  rotate , position as you like it 
see my tag for reference 

Add new layer at the top
open element 16
copy and paste ,
resize to 125 px width or as you like 

If you are like me and haven't added drop shadows yet .....
now is the time to add ds to each of your layers
I use 3/4/8/38 to all elements except my tube and
 I use the default setting for the tube
Use Your fav ds settings

When happy with everything 
Hide the white bg layer 
right click and merge visible layers
autocrop layer and I resize to 590 px width

unhide the bg layer 
add new layer above the bg layer 
open paper 5
copy and paste
right click , add layer mask 
make sure to click the black (full transparency) 
open mask 
copy and paste , autocrop layer , 
unclick the little chain and resize to
700 px width and keep the 500 px width

delete the white bg layer 
merge the other layers 
Image/autocrop image
resize to 600 px width
add your copyrights  and name 
merge visible , autocrop and resize if needed
save as (I save as png)

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