Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Happy 4th Of July

Happy 4th of July

This tutorial was written by me. 
Any similarity is purely coincidental. 
It was done using Gimp
 but can be done with a program of your choice


Cluster frame called Happy 4th of July by Angela of Queenie's Signatures  -n-  Kits  here

Tube of choice
I used a tube from PFD by Di_Halim called Americus you can find it here
You MUST have a license to use.

Mask from Creative Misfits Creations -Sparkle and Bling by Kaci here
or use your mask of choice

font used for name is Challenge Shadow 

Lets begin

Open new image 800 x 800 px , white bg
we will resize later

Add New Layer
Open your cluster frame 
click on the Merged layer , copy and paste 
Resize to 550 px width
Anchor and autocrop Layer
filters / Decor/ add bevel 2 thickness 
(make sure you untick the box that has - work on copy)

Add new layer
move the layer below the frame
open your tube 
copy and paste, position, resize 
I resized my tube to 550 px height and I also
Layer/ transform/ flip horizontally
when happy with it ......Anchor
Autocrop Layer
Duplicate layer and move it above the frame 
We want to erase the bottom part of the tube thats outside the frame
An easy way for me is to use the Rectangle Select Tool
Make a rectangle around the bottom part of the tube thats outside the frame
and hit delete.  
Select none
If you want you can just use the Eraser tool to erase 

Make your frame layer active 
use the Fuzzy select tool or magic wand and click inside the frame
you should have marching ants inside the frame

Add a new layer above the bg layer 
your ants should be marching on this layer
Select/ grow / 8
open your close up tube and Paste INTO 
 (make sure you paste Into and not paste)
Resize and postion as you like it
you can use my tag for reference
When happy , Anchor, Select none
Layer , Autocrop
Duplicate this layer 
make the bottom of these active and
 filters/ blur, gaussian blur  8 horizontal and 8 vertical px
make the top of these active and if you have
eyecandy /weave with default setting
opacity 80

If you haven't added ds now is when I do it
(add ds to the bottom tube only when you have a duplicate)

Hide the bg layer 
Merge visible layers
autocrop layer
resize to 600 px height

unhide bg 
add new layer and fill with color of choice
I used color #14152f  Right click on this layer / add layer mask
(be sure you have black full transparency checked )
open your mask
this one is large so I resized it to 500 px width 
copy and paste , position as you like and resize if you need to 

merge tag layer down to mask layer
autocrop layer 

Add your copyrights, license and Name
delete the bg layer
Autocrop Image 

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