Saturday, August 10, 2013

Between You & Me

Between You & Me

This tutorial was written by me. 
Any similarity is purely coincidental. 
It was done using Gimp
 but can be done with a program of your choice


FTU Cluster called Purple by Queenie Signature N Kits here

Mask by Creative Misfits -Cirlcle mask April 2012 here
mask image 212 by Sharon

Word Art by AK Designs here

Tube of choice
The tube I used is Celinart Pinup from Scraps and the City . You MUST have a license to use it.
You can find her tubes and get a license here

Font of choice

EyeCandy /weave

Lets get started

Open new canvas with white bg 600 x 600 px
add new layer 

open cluster frame copy and paste , resize to 500 px width

add new layer 
use the Ellipse tool and make a circle the size of frame 
move this layer below the frame and make sure you have the marching ants
fill with black
filters/ eyecandy/weave  color #ab89c6
dup layer , mode/ overlay, merge down ( you can play with the mode and pick what you like best )
you can fill with a paper or texture of you choice if you prefer

go to frame layer , add new layer
open tube , copy and paste , position as you like .
Duplicate and move one below the frame.
On the top tube layer erase any part of the tube that is over the frame. 
I placed mine so it was just below the keyboard, not much at all to erase

add new layer 
open word art and resize
I resized to 400 px width 
copy and paste , position as you like and resize if needed 

click on background layer , add new layer 
fill with gradient / colors black and #350c41 , bilinear
right click on this layer and click on add mask 
open your mask , copy and paste 
position and resize as you like then anchor, 

hide bg layer , merge visible layers, autocrop layer 
Resize to 600 px width , if this means making it larger then
you will have to click on image / fit canvas to layers 
Add your copyrights 
Delete the bg layer 
Autocrop image , resize if needed
Add your name

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial

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