Tuesday, May 7, 2013

2 Love Me

2 Love Me

This tutorial was written by me. 
Any similarity is purely coincidental. 
It was done using Gimp
 but can be done with any program


Cluster Frame ~ Sweet Romance is ftu by Rosa Tags  here

Word art by Elegant Wordart  here
the preview isn't working but the link for the download is good

 Tube of choice 
I am using the artwork of Alex Prihodko . I bought this tube from Pics For Design here
You must have a license to use this artwork .The artwork can  NOT be shared. 

Mask of choice
I used mask 52 from Moonbeams and Spiderwebs here

font of choice 
I used a font called cinnamon cake
you can find it here

Note: autocrop layers as you go. 
If you prefer add drop shadow of your choice as you go

Lets begin: 
Open New canvas 800 x 800 px bg white ( we will crop later , this gives us room to work)

Add new layer ( bg layer is the only white layer , all other layers are transparent )
Open cluster frame and copy the layer - No Shadow
Paste and position as you like . I resized it to 600 px width and positions to the left
 of my canvas
use fuzzy select tool ( magic wand) and click inside of frame

Add new layer above bg layer 
Select/ grow x4 , fill with paper or color of your choice. I used color #dcdbcc
select none

Add new layer 
open word art , resize to 275 px width 
you can add a color or paper if you like I left mine black 
filters/decor/ add bevel , thickness 2 ( make sure you untick the box to work on copy)
Add ds of your choice. I use 3/4/8/38

add new layer above bg 
copy your tube and paste, resize and position to your liking. I duplicated my tube
 and moved one layer to the top, I lowered the opacity on the top layer so I can see the dog
zoomed 200% so I can better see to erase the tube over the dog , you can increase the
 opacity back to 100 after you have the dog outlined 
when you are happy with your results add a ds to the lower tube. ( the one under the frame) 
I use the default ds for my tube . 

add ds to the layers you have if you haven't already 
hide the bg layer and merge visible
Autocrop layer and I resized mine to 575 px width 

unhide bg layer 
add new layer above bg
fill with color, paper , or texture of your choice
right click on this layer , add layer mask ( be sure to click the black full tranparency)  Add
open your mask of choice copy and paste
position and resize if needed. I rotated my mask and resized 
when happy with it ....Anchor
Merge tube layer and mask layer 
Autocrop Image
resize if needed at this point. I resized to 600 px 

add copyrights and license if needed 
add your name 
delete the bg layer 
autocrop image
Mine autocropped small so I had to resize to 600 px width 
Click on Image/ fit image to layers 
you may have to repeat this step a few times before it holds at 600 px width
Click on filters / enhance/ sharpen 
save as 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I would love to see anything you make with it.
email : cindydaisylover@gmail.com

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