Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Loves Me

Loves Me

This tutorial was written by me. 
Any similarity is purely coincidental. 
It was done using Gimp
 but can be done with any program

 Spring Template 2 from Always Creations here

Scrapkit : Mothers Flowers from Delicious Scraps here
or scrapkit of choice

Mask 19 from Drea's Creations here

Word art supplied below

Tube of choice 
The tube I used is a Ken Morton tube
You MUST have a license to use  his artwork 
you can get a license and find his tubes at Creative Design Outlet here

Note: You can add ds to layers as you go if you choose 
Autocrop layers as you go

Lets Begin
open template
delete these layers :
mask,doodle,circle bg, and both flowers

make circle layer active ,Alpha to selection
 add new layer 
open paper 8 from scrapkit , 
resize to 600px width, 
copy ,  paste Into new layer ( be sure its paste Into and not paste)
anchor , select none. 
Autocrop Layer
delete the templates original circle layer

Add new layer 
open element - flowers 4 
resize to 325 px height
paste and position 
 select none 
autocrop layer

Add new layer 
open element-FrameFlowers
resize to 550 px 
copy and paste. Resize again if needed 
anchor , select none
Autocrop layer

Add new layer and move it above the 3 rectangle layers
make the first rectangle layer active, 
alpha to selection 
with your magic wand or fuzzy select too ,
click inside the rectangle ,make the second rectangle layer active
alpha to selection
hold the shift key and and use the magic wand in this rectangle 
make the 3rd rectangle active
alpha to selection
 and hold the shift key down while you 
click inside the rectangle 
make the new layer active and you should have marching ants 
for all 3 rectangles 
open paper 6 , resize to 600 px , copy and paste INTO 
anchor , select none
autocrop layer
Move this layer below the flower frame 
delete the templates original rectangel layers 
duplicate this layer 
alpha to selection and fill with black 
move slightly , see my tag for reference
add drop shadow to each layer of rectangles and merge
I moved them to the other side of the template. 
See my tag for reference

Make square 1 active 
alpha to selection
add new layer , fill the new layer with black or 
color from your tube
select none
Autocrop layer 
deleted the original template layer

Alpha to selection on your black square 
add new layer  
copy your tube and  paste INTO , resize as needed 
when you are happy with it , 
anchor and select none.
duplicate your tube layer 
on this layer  , mode- screen 

Merge the group 
( the 2 tube layers , black square and the square bg layers )

Duplicate this 2 times so you should have 3 squares with your tube
Position them to suit you 
you can see my tag for reference

Delete the original template square layers 

Add new layer 
copy tube and paste 
position as you like 
I always use the default ds for my main tube 

add new layer above the squares and paste the word art I supplied or
 make your own
( add new layer above each square , see my tag for reference )

If you haven't added drop shadows then add ds to your layers 
hide the bg layer 
merge visible layers
autocrop layer
I resized mine to 550 px width 
unhide bg layer and add new layer above bg layer
fill with color , paper , or texture 
make this layer active , right click and choose
"add layer mask"
when the box opens be sure you select the black (full transparency) 
open mask 
copy and paste
autocrop layer , resize to 600 px width , position and when you are happy 
Anchor , select none

make top layer active 
merge down with mask layer 
image autocrop
if you are happy with the size 
add your copyrights and license number 
delete bg layer 
I like to sharpen ( filters ,enhance, sharpen)

Add your name

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial
I would love to see any tag you make with this tutorial 
you can email me at

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