Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Seaside Joy

Seaside Joy

This tutorial was written by me. 
Any similarity is purely coincidental. 
It was done using Gimp
 but can be done with any program

Seaside Joy

 PTU Scrapkit by BLT DeZignZ
it can be found  at Pics For Design here
or kit of choice

Tube of choice
I used a tube by Joanne Schempp 
you MUST have a license to use her art
you can find her tubes and get a license to use them at Creative Design Outlet here

mask of choice
I used a mask from Chas 
my file says chas 2 mask but on her blog it say " New mask by Me" 
you can find it here 

font of choice 
I used  Sandals and it  can be found here 

Autocrop layers as you go 
you can add your drop shadows as you go if thats what you like to do

Lets begin
Open new canvas 800 x 600 white bg 
 ( we will resize later , this is just to have room to work) 

Open paper 4 
copy and paste 
Resize to 350 x 400 px and rotate to the left 
when happy with it anchor
duplicate it and 
click layer/ transform/flip horizontally

Add new layer 
move this new layer below the paper layers
open fence element 
Resize to 650 px copy and paste
position and anchor. You can resize again if needed

Add new layer 
move the new layer above the paper layers
copy branch element and paste , before you anchor it resize
I resized mine to 300 px width 
position and anchor , use my tag as reference to element placement

Add new layer 
Open clip  and scale to 50 px height copy and paste 
we are decorating the branch with the clips 
Add new layer 
open clip 2 and scale to 50 px height 
copy and past 
you can resize the clips to suit you 
duplicate and position the clips as you like them

Add new layer 
open your tube of choice and resize and position as you like

Add new layer 
open wa
resize to 200 px width
copy and paste ,
 position over branch , see my tag 
resize as needed rotate slightly if needed. 

Add new layer
open anchor element , resize to 200 px width 
paste and rotate to the left ,
 resize further if needed 
see my tag for reference , when happy with the postion and size 
use eraser to remove the edge of anchor frame where it crossed the paper frame
again see my tag for reference

Add new layer
open bottle element 
scale to 150 px height 
copy and paste , rotate to the left slightly 
resize further if needed
see my tag for refence. 

Add new layer 
open seashell 2 element 
resize to 60 px width 
copy and paste 
position slightly overlapping bottom of bottle 
see my tag for refence 
when you are happy with it anchor
duplicate and click layer / transform/ flip horizontally
position over edge of paper frame

Add new layer 
move this new layer below the duplicate seashell (thats over the paper frame)
open element starfish 2 
resize 75 px width  position with edge just under the seashell 

Add new layer 
move this new layer above the seashell 
open element starfish 
resize to 75 px width and position  ( see my tag )

Add new layer 
go down to your bottle layer and alpha to selection
then go back up and make sure your new layer is active 
open dragonfly element 
resize to about 50 px width ( you can resize more before you anchor if you need to )
position so the dragonflys are inside the bottle and Paste INTO be sure you use Paste Into and not paste
when happy anchor 
you can repeat this step if you want to 

Add new layer 
open element string
resize to 200 px height 
position inside paper frame ( see my tag) 
resize further if needed 

Add your drop shadow to layers if you haven't already 
I use 3/4/8/38 but use the ds you prefer

If you are happy with the way your tag looks 
hide bg layer
merge visible layers 
autocrop layer , I resized mine to 590 px width

add new layer above bg layer
add color, paper, texture of your choice 
I used paper 7 
right click / add layer mask ( be sure the black full transparent is ticked ) 
open mask copy and paste 
position  and resize as you like 

merge tag layer with mask layer
autocrop layer 
I scale mine to 600 px width 

add copyrights and license number if needed 
delete white bg layer 

image autocrop 
resize if needed 
I like my tags 600 px width
click filters / enhance/ sharpen

 Add your name with the font of your choice

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. I would love to see any tag you make with this tut . 
You can email me at cindydaisylover@gmail.com

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